Freeway Fury is an enjoyable mix between splatter carjacking and freeway speeding!

Freeway Fury

This is probably one of the most awesome car related flash games you will ever find on the Internet, and probably the most time consuming as well! Who wouldn't like to jump between high speed cars on the freeway, just to find himself under a car in a jump that didn't go as planned? From the graphical aspect you can see a 2D environment with some fancy car top drawings, and just enough to prove the game's point of how dangerous it would be for you to try to carjack a speeding car. Ending up in the road as nothing but a splash is rarely any fun, except if you watch it from above! The artificial intelligence makes it harder and harder for you over time. More traffic on the road and less space to drive on forces you to commit more carjacking and car jumping, which is fairly dangerous in a 100 mph car! In order to rank high on the high score list of Freeway Fury you have to take advantage of the bonuses you're given, such as time bonuses, slam bonuses and carjack bonuses as they all add to the total number of points you have. You might also want to remember the nitro bar you got, it might become handy!